The great e-bike heist. And then there was none

The great e-bike heist. And then there was none

Earlier I wrote about my shiny new e-bike. It was great, I have ridden it to work every day since it arrived. Upgrades (like the 3-D printed thermos holder, suspension seat post) made it even better. I gotta say you should get one.

And now, someone else (may his sphincter develop taste buds) has mine. You can see him in the video, its not a casual walk-by. He came up the street for this purpose, then walked around the building to see if anyone was there, followed by riding off. Yes it was locked, but, well, that back-pack conceals a tool of some sort.

It was a long slow walk into the office this am. bike-less. disheartened.

So, if you know the chap in the video below, WRPS has a case open, I can give you the case#.


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7 comments on “The great e-bike heist. And then there was none
  1. db David Caputo says:


    Let’s get this #$@! caught.

    ok Crowd, Source:
    Shoe Brand?
    Back Pack?

    Facial Recognition Machine Learning API?

    Physics Majors: Trajectory, Velocity? Where is he now?

  2. That sucks! WHat happened to bringing it inside to the office?

  3. db Melissa Fritz says:

    People are jerks πŸ™ someone stole Sams bike a few weeks ago while he was at work. Just a regular one, but still….I hope they find your bike!

  4. db Chris says:

    I hope they catch that asshole.
    In terms of upgrades on the replacement, you might want to consider a Spy Who Loved Me burglar protection system:

  5. db Ihab says:

    I am sorry Don, my Mountain Bike was also stolen from my building few weeks ago (2doors+bike lock+camera). I have my new bike in my apartment now, so whoever wants it, can come and take it from my cold dead hands πŸ™‚

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