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Google Docs and US Patents: Number Your Paragraphs for Posterity

Situation: many stackoverflow posts etc wringing hands about missing ability to number paragraphs. Solution: write it. You’re welcome. Now you can write a Patent, using Google Docs, collaborate with your team (including your Patent Attorney), and add the paragraph numbering

CORS’ing the complexity: idempotent and caching meets Vary: Origin for CORS

So I spent a bit of time debugging something this am, and I thought I would share. Its super detailed, so feel free to gloss over. There is a class of browser-security issues addressed by CORS. They are meant to

Opening the hiring taps: first legit job ad is up!

Apply early, apply often, tell all your friends, particularly if they want to get down and dirty with the inner workings of the big fluffy cloud called computing. And while I’m begging, feel free to follow us in Linkedin.

The LED bulb project: an autopsy on some failures

So last year I installed a whole lot of LED bulbs. Power dropped off, great.   One area that got new bulbs was the porchlight. This was 2 sconces, outdoors but covered (both covered by the overhang and covered by

Stack overflow says I am the 1%

Stack Overflow has just released their survey. Turns out I am the 1.0%. If you are in the 20.5% and looking to trade, I’m game.