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What’s your open source profile?

Github has this feature on a profile page (yours, anyones) which allows you to see their ‘profile’ with respect to reviewing changes, creating issues, commiting things, and sending pull requests. This is for the open-source public facing repo, so its

I Declare is not the same as Make It So

Years ago there was a really great TV show. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty. You know the one. Later it was remade with some characters long forgotten. Except 1. Picard. His trademark ‘make it so’ was the hallmark of a great

Cloud logging and the return of `dink`

Early I wrote about my cool new tool dink. It allows you to, without ssh to your Kubernetes nodes, have access to their ‘docker’ for debugging, inspecting, image verifying etc. Today we were discussing some debuggering of fluent-bit and i thought,

When did stack traces become the new user interface?

So I’ve been working of late with some Java programs. They substitute a ~10KB stack trace for an error message. If you have a typo in the config file you have to fish through that stack trace to find what

You want to see something really random? Infinite entropy returns

Remember a few posts ago where I talked about entropy, randomness, and how it was under-estimated as important for a high shared-user dynamic environment like public cloud? Some folks commented that the /dev/urandom was good enough. But, when there’s a