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Sponsor a conference as a means of hiring?

There’s an interesting dynamic here @ Kubecon. Some of the sponsors are nearly certainly only here in a talent-acquisition mode. For example, apple, shopify. They are not meeting their customers here, their presence is small (apple has a 5×10′ tabletop

Tis the season for charitable giving

I don’t know where to even begin here. I’m staying in a ‘not so nice’ hotel in a ‘not so nice’ part of Seattle. Out front at the reception they have a ‘food bank’ donation bin. Side note: give cash,

Are you tech enough for marketing?

At my previous gig i had some oversight of marketing. And the marketing folks often complained that there was an unfair level of technical depth needed. I would usually tell them “suck it up princess, get back to that vi

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Never SSL

So you are in some random location you don’t frequent. They have wifi. You’ve ignored all my previous posts about security and want to connect. You connect, but nothing works. What should you do? Well, try opening You might be

When managed software goes bad… A cloud tale

So the other day I wrote of my experience with the first ‘critical’ kubernetes bug, and how the mitigation took down my Google Kubernetes (GKE). In that case, Google pushed an upgrade, and missed something with the Calico migration (Calico

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