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The LED bulb project: an autopsy on some failures

So last year I installed a whole lot of LED bulbs. Power dropped off, great.   One area that got new bulbs was the porchlight. This was 2 sconces, outdoors but covered (both covered by the overhang and covered by

Stack overflow says I am the 1%

Stack Overflow has just released their survey. Turns out I am the 1.0%. If you are in the 20.5% and looking to trade, I’m game.

The mysterious cat feeder of the 101

Last year I wrote about the mysterious feeding setup at the 101/Millbrae Ave overpass. It looks very lush and tropical and isolated in the below picture: its not. This is a very industrial location beside an airport and major highway.

Quick and dirty real-time sync of local dir into a container (perhaps in Kubernetes)

OK this is a bit of a hack. But lets say you want to be editing files in a directory. Each time you write one, you want it synced into some container. This is obviously for development purposes. Well I

The sad SaaS state of software sufferin’ succotash

Recently I was looking to add OAuth2 login to my wordpress system. Side note: when you see an icon ‘sign-in with Google/Github/…’ on a site, please use that, rather than creating a new account. The protocol is called ‘OAuth2’. Its