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Opening the hiring taps: first legit job ad is up!

Apply early, apply often, tell all your friends, particularly if they want to get down and dirty with the inner workings of the big fluffy cloud called computing. And while I’m begging, feel free to follow us in Linkedin.

The LED bulb project: an autopsy on some failures

So last year I installed a whole lot of LED bulbs. Power dropped off, great.   One area that got new bulbs was the porchlight. This was 2 sconces, outdoors but covered (both covered by the overhang and covered by

Stack overflow says I am the 1%

Stack Overflow has just released their survey. Turns out I am the 1.0%. If you are in the 20.5% and looking to trade, I’m game.

The mysterious cat feeder of the 101

Last year I wrote about the mysterious feeding setup at the 101/Millbrae Ave overpass. It looks very lush and tropical and isolated in the below picture: its not. This is a very industrial location beside an airport and major highway.

Quick and dirty real-time sync of local dir into a container (perhaps in Kubernetes)

OK this is a bit of a hack. But lets say you want to be editing files in a directory. Each time you write one, you want it synced into some container. This is obviously for development purposes. Well I