The great e-bike heist. And then there was none

Earlier I wrote about my shiny new e-bike. It was great, I have ridden it to work every day since it arrived. Upgrades (like the 3-D printed thermos holder, suspension seat post) made it even better. I gotta say you should get one.

And now, someone else (may his sphincter develop taste buds) has mine. You can see him in the video, its not a casual walk-by. He came up the street for this purpose, then walked around the building to see if anyone was there, followed by riding off. Yes it was locked, but, well, that back-pack conceals a tool of some sort.

It was a long slow walk into the office this am. bike-less. disheartened.

So, if you know the chap in the video below, WRPS has a case open, I can give you the case#.






7 Responses to “The great e-bike heist. And then there was none”

  1. David Caputo


    Let’s get this #$@! caught.

    ok Crowd, Source:
    Shoe Brand?
    Back Pack?

    Facial Recognition Machine Learning API?

    Physics Majors: Trajectory, Velocity? Where is he now?

    1. Jesse Ariss

      I zoomed in on his face. Enhance. Enhance. Enhance.

      1. db

        its your mom?

  2. That sucks! WHat happened to bringing it inside to the office?

  3. Melissa Fritz

    People are jerks 🙁 someone stole Sams bike a few weeks ago while he was at work. Just a regular one, but still….I hope they find your bike!

  4. Chris

    I hope they catch that asshole.
    In terms of upgrades on the replacement, you might want to consider a Spy Who Loved Me burglar protection system:

  5. Ihab

    I am sorry Don, my Mountain Bike was also stolen from my building few weeks ago (2doors+bike lock+camera). I have my new bike in my apartment now, so whoever wants it, can come and take it from my cold dead hands 🙂

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