Gadgets w/ wheels and batteries arrive: electric assist bike

So the new office doesn’t have free parking. Its not far from home, and I’ve been walking, but as its getting hotter that is getting stickier. Time for a solution involving electrical gadgets I hear you say. You are right!

So I acquired a VoltBike Urban (black). Spiffy right? It folds up to make differently-shaped (perhaps trunk of car?). And, its got secrets. Lurking within is a modest 350W assist motor and a 36V 11.6AH battery. And does it ever propel you. Even in top gear you feel a little bit like a hamster in a wheel on full assist. Its speed limited (the motor that is) to 32km/h, which is plenty I think.

So now the questions. Can it/should it be hacked somehow? The controller is one of these in the LCD family.

The bike is pretty decent quality. But the charger… Whoa. Its hot if you just leave it plugged in not charging 🙂 And its suspiciously light in that charging brick for something that is outputting 42V @ 2A. I might spring for an ‘upgrade’ on on aliexpress to 42V @ 5A w/ a fan in a metal case.

So what do you think, will I look like too much of a hipster on this? Pee-wee herman accessories? Tassles?





5 Responses to “Gadgets w/ wheels and batteries arrive: electric assist bike”

  1. Nicolas St-Pierre

    There’s a good DIY for an EV fat tire bike here:

  2. Chris

    Anything with two wheels and pedals shouldn’t also have a motor.
    And some things with two wheels and a motor shouldn’t exist at all. I’m sure I’m not the only person who, when I see a grown adult riding (driving?) any kind of 2-wheel scooter, feels an overwhelming urge to clothesline him as he passes or ‘accidentally’ spill marbles in his path.
    But if you must ride a bicycle with a motor that’s in no way a motorbike, and you need accessories, then this demands a pickelhaube and the loudest airhorn you can find.
    You could also reclaim some dignity by mounting a flamethrower although I doubt that’s street-legal.

    1. Nicolas St-Pierre

      ” when I see a grown adult riding (driving?) any kind of 2-wheel scooter, ” ..

      I think “He’s got a DUI.. or two..”

  3. Robert Carey

    It must be hacked. I have faith in you.

    At the very least a cat sticker on the frame right?

  4. Tim Jackson

    I think you should put hockey cards in the spokes.

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