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Gitlab via the API: prepare a repo with automatic deploy keys and protected branches/tags

  You have a whole mess of gitlab repo. You want to make them ready to use (protect master so only accepts merge, protect v* tags to prevent overwrite version, add a deploy key). And you are lazy. Have I

Ancient wisdom of books?

Dan Brown has made a pretty decent career along the lines of “find a book with missing ancient wisdom, mayhem ensues, starring tom hanks” (with 1 paragraph cliff-hanger chapters). The theme of ‘someone smart wrote it down and then we

Multiple Kubernetes contexts and your multi-coloured prompt

You are working with multiple clouds. But, you keep changing context and then accidentally applying something. Ooops. If only this could be simpler. Drop these two bits in your .bashrc. Now you can simply say ‘context foo’ and be in

What’s your open source profile?

Github has this feature on a profile page (yours, anyones) which allows you to see their ‘profile’ with respect to reviewing changes, creating issues, commiting things, and sending pull requests. This is for the open-source public facing repo, so its

I Declare is not the same as Make It So

Years ago there was a really great TV show. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty. You know the one. Later it was remade with some characters long forgotten. Except 1. Picard. His trademark ‘make it so’ was the hallmark of a great