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The sad SaaS state of software sufferin’ succotash

Recently I was looking to add OAuth2 login to my wordpress system. Side note: when you see an icon ‘sign-in with Google/Github/…’ on a site, please use that, rather than creating a new account. The protocol is called ‘OAuth2’. Its

Premature tire removal!

I wrote just a couple of days ago about the excitement of removing the snow tires. The strategy and gamble of “will it snow again”. I present to you might front yard this am. Very snowy 🙂 Its going to

The rite of spring (snow tire removal, not stravinsky)

Every year in mid march people start to get antsy. There’s still some snow, but its nearing spring, maybe I should swap my snow tires out. For those unfortunate enough to live where they don’t understand the concept of snow

Productivity in the new world economy: machines create and consume information

Many years ago there was a great short story “the midas plague”. You can actually read it online at that link. In a nutshell, advances in productivity and energy and automation meant that more and more things were getting created,

‘first’ and ‘only’ are four-letter words in cloud. How to do something `once` and `first` in a Kubernetes Deployment

A funny problem exists that you may not be aware of. If you like being blissfully unaware, perhaps head over here to kittenwar for a bit. But it involves the words ‘first’ or ‘only’. You see, in a cloud-native world,