This was new to me. Someone using the standard tool checked my domain, found that my DMARC record is marked to report-only (rather than quarantine). So they assume I have money to spend on this as a monetary reward for the bug hunt.

For a personal domain? FOr someone who has blogged about DMARC already? Nice try.

As a PSA, while I have you here, make sure your own DKIM and DMARC are enabled. Don't let the spammers scam you or others on your behalf.

This morning as I'm walking down King St just past Queen I happen upon this fine upstanding individual, bolt cutters in hand. He's using them in an unusual way, as a twisting device, bouncing the bike up and down and trying to get the u-bolt + cable lock off.

I make contact. He insists its his bike and that 1 of the locks is his, that some fiend has placed a second lock on. I point out that the u-bolt goes through the loops in the cable lock. He tries to insist that is how they do it. Uh uh, they have the keys and you don't? I ask if he's alright with me calling the police, he says sure. So i do. While i'm going through the voice mail settings (???) his friend arrives. His friend insists I am wrong as well, but, after a few minutes of my argument about how both locks are the same brand, and were installed by a person with a key (and them maybe assuming the police auto attendant was a person), they decided to leave.

Have you ever looked at the spectral analysis of your own voice? I started down this rabbit-hole after watching a video by Curtis Judd (below) on EQ for dialogue.

So I recorded a quick sample of my voice on my BLUE Yeti Pro. And then took a quick look at the spectrum in Audacity. And after that... uh, Curtis makes it look simple ๐Ÿ™‚

Don Voice Sample

Warning: if you are not interested in bluetooth captures or audio hackery, uh, maybe kittenwar is where you want now ๐Ÿ™‚

Attached is a bluetooth snoop log (open in Wireshark) of the SmartMic/Mike+ operating natively in Android, so e.g. its high-quality mode. You can see a couple of MPX_CTRL Modem Status Commands that are intriguing, as are the DLC Parameter Negotiation.

Any suggestions on how to put this in highest quality mode in linux?

Answer (partial): it puts it in SPP (serial port) mode, and sends as fast as it can. The packets are about 216 bytes of payload, and about 150/s, giving about 260Kbps of throughput.

So I can't believe I'm doing this on the 15th of September. But it was 3 degrees this am and I'm not getting any younger.

So, let's take a look. Earlier I talked about the heated handlegrips. First we have a problem on the right hand side, the twist throttle is long, and the handlegrip is short. See the image below. Now, I considered removing the throttle, but its a huge safety feature. I don't use it while moving, but it allows me to get away from a stop faster, so I use it a couple of times each commute. So that is out. So I moved the bell to the left side, shifted the shifter and brake over. I'm not super kean on this, I'll try it tomorrow am and see. The right-handlegrip of the heated set is designed for a motorcycle, so its expecting a twist throttle underneath it. So, I did what you would expect, I taped them together ๐Ÿ™‚

I mounted the 2nd battery pack in front. I considered wedging it in on top of the main battery, it just fits there, but I couldn't secure it easily. This is out of the way.

I tested the grips out on the bench, the pack can run them for just over 3 hours (the current drops a lot as the voltage sags). I'm a bit nervous, at the 3 hour mark the per cell voltage was 2.4V, it's not clear where the low-voltage cut-off would hit (or if there is even one). So I stopped the test, but, uh, I hope i don't forget and leave them on sometime.