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Over on my company YouTube channel i've done a few videos now, trying out the settings and so on. The topics are all going to be Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Cyber Security, Zero-Trust, etc.

Now that I kind of have the hang of it, I'm soliciting topics that you think would be interesting to explore. Feel free to add them in the comments here, and/or on the YouTube Channel. (and feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel!)

Want to know more about Istio? Cloud Native? Costing of public cloud? Workload-based firewalls using things like SPIFFE and SPIRE? OpenID, 2-Factor, authentication?

How about some of the more mundane, like moving a legacy .NET application to a container, Linux, cloud?

Anyway, let me know the topics of interest. Subscribers to the channel help, comments help, here, there, on my Corporate blog, on the LinkedIn feed, etc.

Following the LinkedIn helps the most cuz then your contacts also see some percentage.

On the latest one, you can see my Blender attempt at the intro.

Another topic I started to cover was our reslience strategy and how we deal with single failures and embrace them.

Know a not-for-profit, charity, or academic who has an idea to build a resilient, trusted and secure internet for all Canadians? Do they need a bit of money to make that idea sing? Perhaps they want to consider applying for a CIRA community investment program grant.

How you ask? Head on over to and it will explain eligibility and criteria, but generally ideas relating to Infrastructure, Digital Literacy, Cybersecurity, Community Leadership.

You get a +1 if the idea is supporting students or northern, rural, indigenous communities.


My new office is in the heart of downtown Kitchener. An odd thing I have noticed more than a few times... nice bikes not secured. The city has these bike-shaped bike racks directly on the street, but, instead, people just lean their bike up against the shop and go in. This image below is from my office window (we have a great view don't you think!). Note 3 nice looking bikes, ready to run off with, and no concern. The folks came out of the payday loan/cheque-cashing/pawn shop later and rode off. No theft.

Its not isolated. The other day I walked past the Dollarama and there was a full-suspension bike leaned there, the owner came out a few minutes later and rode off.

Contrast this to my experience with bike theft at my previous office. It was locked, they cut and run. Huh.

PS, the Shawarma cheeseburger is amazing.


Over at my company YouTube channel I've posted a few light board videos, mostly test runs through with short ~3min videos.

I've tried a few techniques that seem to have worked well and thought I would share.

First, clean the glass. Both sides. Speckles of dust become beacons!

Second, no light on the camera side of the glass. I installed blackout curtains.

Third, camera settings. I use F2.8, 1/100 shutter, ISO 320, on a Sony RX10 IV. This means the camera is focused on a very shallow depth.

Fourth, the post production. I use kdenlive and audacity. I first run the audio through a noise-reduction filter. I then crop the edges. I then use a Bezier-curve to slam the black level down (so everything close to black becomes absolute black). I then flip (mirror) so you can (almost!) read my scribbles. I then use a chroma-key overlay and pick up the whitish-green marker and replace it with a neon green (see below video).

To add a bit of pizzaz, I sometimes overlay in objects or colours as well (you'll see that here for example).

Getting the lights and microphone setup was a lot of trial and error, I think i have it relatively dialed-in now.

For those who wish to follow the journey, please feel to subscribe to the YouTube channel, and of course, the company blog where I will promote them and add some descriptive text, some what like here.

Let me know if you have suggestions for content or how to improve the videos!

I don't know what surprises me more: there is a 2-hour 4K video of snow removal? That 1.1M people have viewed it? That @ 1:47:39 we happen upon a snow pile so high that they tunneled through it for pedestrians?

Anyway you look at it, its better than most reality tv out there.