bike #4 arrived, shakedown run

Bike #4, arrived, Assembled. Time for a shakedown run.

Now, there are some quality issues here. Inverted forks, but no way to mount the front fender. They just didn’t think it through, so, we’ll try without a front-fender for a bit. 40% more money, i mean, why would i expect it to be just turn-key?

This one weighs about 1/2 the previous one (still not light though).

Snow-tires are pure-unobtainium right now, so we’ll try it with the generic street tires (Chaoyang). A little snow, a little ice, i’m sure they’ll be fine.

Now we start the usuall drill. Upgrade the seat, seat post, add the bar mitts, etc etc. I’ve gone with some PWM -driven heated grips, should avoid the ‘burning’ issue of the last set.

Going to try the double-lock for a bit (the disc-brake and the u-lock).






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  1. someone

    how about the apple airtag

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