Years ago I was required to go to somewhere in western africa, some place that you needed a Yellow Fever shot to enter. Around here the way that is accomplished is you to go to the travel nurse. I did my research, I went, this is the story.

Armed with the knowledge I needed this Yellow Fever shot I showed up. The nurse started to ask me some questions. “Have you ever drank the tap water in China”?, “Have you ever been to Brazil”, that sort of thing. Sure, the answer is yes to all of them, how does this affect my Yellow Fever shot? Finally we are done the questions, she says, here are the 17 shots you need. I’m like, 17? Give me your top 3! I’m no pincushion, I just need the Yellow Fever. OK, no problem she says, but before I give you this, let me tell you a little story.

You see the guy that left before you came in? Well, he has a worm coming out of his arm. Every 3 days he has to come back in here, I take a pencil, we wrap the worm a bit more around it, eventually the worm will be out. Me: “EEEWWWWW. OK, Give me the Worm Shot”. Her: There is no Worm Shot, that’s something you’ll just have to suffer through. Ugh, now she’s messing with me for refusing the 17 shots. Sigh, I will try to avoid the arm worm.

And then she told me something that is with me to this day. “Do you ever put your face in the water when you shower”? Me, of course. She then tells me about this fly that lays its eggs in water, is activated in steam, and inhaled where it hatches. And, it has a huge habitat. Shivver.

So I got the Yellow Fever shot, I got a few of the other top risks (not all 17). And I got ongoing nightmares about arm worms and lung flies. Thanks travel nurse, I’ll go back to you for my covid shot when its my turn for your wry sense of humour in messing with me.

OK, despite history being against me, the snows are off and the summers are on. Usually this is followed by a blizzard and ice rain. Not this year, right?

Will it snow?

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OMG its so quiet now that those spikes are removed. The studded tires are **loud**

Last friday I got the hattrick: in the same day, 3 separate “Sick tires Dude”. So I got that going for me.

So I just finished writing up the install of using a Mikrotik router, installing OpenWRT, and channel bonding Starlink with 2 DSL. If you get a chance, please check it out (and while you are there, hit that bell icon in the bottom right!)

I thought I would explain a bit more about the Mikrotik OpenWRT bit. The router I chose was the hEX S. its a 5 port 1GE, and 1 SFP device. It comes with Mikrotik’s OS, which I guess if you know, maybe you love. I neither know nor love it. So, OpenWRT on it goes.

The upgrade to OpenWRT was not complex, but took forever. You setup a DHCP config file, a TFTP server. You then power it on holding a button, wait for a beep, and release. Or so it says. In practice, you have to release the button at a very specific time which is pre-beep. Eventually, loaded.

These devices are good value. ~ $50, 5 x 1G, modern routing OS. The throughput is not stellar, i benchmarked it out to about 600Mbps, so I think maybe its not ideal for everyone. Still, it will fit this bill.

The application here was to, if Starlink is up, use it, else load balance across 2 DSL links. But now that I got the taste for the OpenWRT on non-wifi router… I’m thinking of bigger upgrade plans at home!

Anyway, read the details here and, as always, comments appreciated.

Phone rings. The red bar indicates its likely spam. Usually I ignore, but this time I decide to hit the ‘screen calls’ button and see what they say. And, wow, I missed a great conversation.

“Hello here’s the chinese notes of future bank give me a call cushy and put you in the cartoon channel championships aren’t you going to be single you won’t enjoy calling the chinese”.

Sign me up, where do I pay?

In the field of investing, there is a concept called “seeking alpha”. The idea is that you are smart, therefore your best approach is to make many smart investment choices. However, the facts bear out that active management nearly always loses.

In a nutshell, imagine the following scenario. 100 drunk monkeys throw darts at a list of stocks. Each picks 10 stocks. At the end of the first year, 50 of these portfolios have done worse than average, 50 have done better than average. We retire the 50 worse than average. At the end of the 2nd year, 25 of these have done worse than average, 25 better than average (its a phrase @Kean). If we repeat this a few times we have 5 portfolios that have beat the odds 5 years in a row. We now put on a shiny suit and market it to you the retail investor. “Our smart stock managers have been the markets 5 years in a row.”. You invest. But, you are really just investing in drunk monkeys.

Someone decided to put this to the test w/ a cat. You can read the full story here, but in a nutshell, a cat named Orlando would throw a catnip mouse onto a pad of numbers, and the owner would invest. The owner was competing against 3 teams of professional money managers.

Well, there’s more than enough foreshadowing in this article for you to guess by now the cat trounced the pro’s.

Now, i’m not advocating for drugging your cat and following feline investing strategies. I’m instead suggesting that maybe investing in the index is the best approach for you. These folks will set you on the right path.