Zen and the Art: Take 2

In Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance I wrote of the quest to find my dad’s motorcycle, and return it to the world.

The tl;dr of that was… drove to cornwall, found it, lashed it to a skid, put it in my truck, drove home. I then found a local shop (Air Support BMW) that specialises in this ‘air head’ BMW, and, dropped it off.

After some disassembly and parts scrounging, the next phase is ready to commence. You can see the photo above, there is some ‘patina’ (a polite word for corrosion), and some missing bits.

The worrying parts (the missing carbs) have solved, some ones that are the same casting are being re-jetted etc to work. The rest, well, the shop seems optimistic.







2 Responses to “Zen and the Art: Take 2”

  1. Liane

    I really can’t wait to see that finished Don! Cheers

  2. Rik

    Nice, this bike deserves to be saved

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