Quarantine issues: purple lamp edition

In autopsy I talked about pre-mature failure (and bugs!) in some LED lamps of mine. In cost I talked about how my LED bulb cost more than the lamp it went in. In saga I talked about how many bulbs and how much power, the ongoing battles to remove the halogens. And, in the ‘light bulb of unusual size‘ I talked about a bulb that was as bright as the sun and a bit like a deathstar.

But, this one is a new one to me. My desk lamp has gone purple. And not just a little bit, its normal 5000K is now more Grimace from McDonalds days gone by. I guess the stress of actually getting used every day, rather than just sitting idle and loafing, is too much for it.

PS, the kapton tape you see on the top is load-bearing. Thanks for asking.






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