My LED bulb saga: a chart to show the consumption

In 2017 I declared war on my incandescent bulbs. Lets take a look at the progress removing those incandescent and halogen bulbs has done. The ‘peak’ usage (~4700kWh) occurred in a month someone (who shall remain nameless) left the sauna on for several days, so lets ignore that. But, lets take a look later. The difference is stark. Yes it was a huge bag of bulbs, yes there were a lot of trips up and down ladders. Yes it was a decent amount of $$$ to spend. But the savings in electricity, in efficiency, is huge.

So, you still got an old yellow bulb? Maybe its a pot-light, a reading light, whatever? Get off your butt. Go order some ‘5000K-5600K’ colour LED bulbs (noontime sunlight). And feast in the savings and knowing you are doing the right thing.

ps. A lot of people think sunlight is yellow and thus that they should get ‘warm white’ or ‘yellow’ bulbs. Its incorrect. Sunlight is actually pure white (which is why you can take a prism and make a rainbow). The outline of the sun looks yellow because of stuff in the atmosphere, but the light itself is white. Don’t believe me? Check the web!





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