LightBulbs of Unusual Size: Is this ‘bright-like-the-sun’ big like a planet also a death-star?

I mentioned earlier (when talking about the eye-glass power scrubber) that its getting harder to see and more light is needed.

So I did what any sane person would do, I tried to find a replacement for a mercury-sodium-vapour arena lighting with an E26 base on the cheapest electronics site I could find. And here it is (full-size lemon for scale). This is not a small light bulb. At 90mm in diameter and 250mm in height, well, its not light (weight-wise) either because of all the aluminum (ium for you incorrect-spelling-folk).

But, the box promises 6800 lumens @ 5000K (daylight colour), and that seems like a good amount of lumens for a background light to me. So, acquired. I then go to install it in my floor lamp. Uh, we have a couple of problems. First, its way too heavy, so the lamp bends. Its also quite a bit taller than the shade, so the insanely bright individual LED’s create spots.

Hmm… So now we need an E26-base lamp that can hold a 2kg light bulb. Perhaps I should have gone for the ‘Mogul’ base-bulb after all, now that I have to upgrade the lamp.

I briefly considered 3D-printing some struts to reinforce the lamp, but, well, that’s just stupid (and wouldn’t work).

My sad floor lamp now has a bit of a speed-wobble to it after the attempt, even w/ the original ‘300W equivalent’ LED bulb back in it, so, uh, that makes me think that having it hold 2kg of angry hot electricity wouldn’t be wise.

Hmm. What to do.

Now, before you scold me too much. In my defence it does have UL certification for Canada (see HyperStreet5426-50S). And the bulb looks practically tiny next to that huge lemon 🙂

Anyone got a suggestion for a sturdy lamp with an unusually large shade to spread out the highly focused rays of a localised white giant star?






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