Radon is November month. Or something like that. Check early, check often

Its national radon month here in the great white north. They estimate 21, 100 Canadians will die of lung cancer this year, 3000 of those because of Radon. Have you gone and bought your Radon monitor yet?

You, yes you, need one if you have a basement or ground floor to your house. If you live in the clouds, ignore this PSA 🙂

Yes I know you checked 8 years ago once when you had the home inspection. No that is not relevant, you need to check constantly. Yes I know you borrowed a friends meter last month, no that is not relevant, you need to check constantly, it varies day by day.

Do you really want to be that person coughing up what’s left of their lungs in a few years? No? Get off your but and click the link, go to best buy, whatever.

I recommend the Airthings Wave, but I suppose there are others. I wouldn’t get the charcoal ones (who’s going to send that in the mail? really?).





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