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  • Radon is November month. Or something like that. Check early, check often

    Its national radon month here in the great white north. They estimate 21, 100 Canadians will die of lung cancer this year, 3000 of those because of Radon. Have you gone and bought your Radon monitor yet? You, yes you, need one if you have a basement or ground floor to your house. If you […]

  • Pragmatism and safety:

    When I was much younger, a friends dad was the local OPP constable. The area I grew up in houses were many km apart. There’s a photo to the right, somehow through the magic of 110-camera stuck winding, a double exposure showing both out the front and back of our house at the same time! […]

  • Radon season?

    OK, I said I’d stop writing about Radon for a bit, but, well, I can’t help it. A few readers have written in with their screenshots, and I thought I would share them back out. First, if you read no further, and you live in a house with a ground floor or basement, and you […]

  • What, more Radon in the Waterloo Ontario region?

    Another reader has purchased the gadget and found an issue. If you still think “this couldn’t happen to me, my dank wet  basement is in a Radon-free zone, well, you are only right in the sense the Radon is free. Free to invade your lungs, cause lung cancer. If you are still trying to convince […]

  • Radon & You. Yes, you.

    Live somewhere? Does it have a ground floor or basement? Then you are at risk for Radon and thus lung cancer. And I recommend you buy the Airthings Wave to find out. 380 people died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning from 2000 to 2009 in Canada, about 38/year. And 3200 died from Radon last year. It kills […]