What, more Radon in the Waterloo Ontario region?

Another reader has purchased the gadget and found an issue. If you still think “this couldn’t happen to me, my dank wet  basement is in a Radon-free zone, well, you are only right in the sense the Radon is free. Free to invade your lungs, cause lung cancer.

If you are still trying to convince your SO that yet another gadget can be in the budget, well… Just click this link and click “buy now with 1-click”. The peace of mind will be good. And then slap the 2 AA batteries in, pair it to your phone (or don’t), put it near your sump-hole in the basement (or the root cellar, or other low air-flow, damp area). Find the worst spot, measure. It only starts to get accurate after a day or so, so don’t fret right away. If your worst spot is good, stop worrying. If your worst spot is a bit bad, consider your mediation options (another inlet on your HRV, sealing paint, sealed cover for sump w/ exhaust fan, slab negative pressure, etc. A professional in your area can help with this).

One of my other friends found he had a problem on Monday, and had the mitigation finished on Tuesday. And it was not that expensive. Its a fan and a pipe, its not rocket surgery!

PS, if you live outside of The Great White North (Canada eh), just google “Airthings Wave”, you’ll find it on your local gadget repository, either online or brick+mortar.

Oh, and since I brought up The Great White North, well, here you go! Some of the greatest rocket surgeon’s ever to grace a TV (and now you can lookup how Canadian TV had less commercial time, so they needed ‘original Canadian content’ to fill it during SCTV simulcast). This might lead you to watch Strange Brew. I am not responsible. But the plot is strong (about possibly poisoning the beer during Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest).





5 Responses to “What, more Radon in the Waterloo Ontario region?”

  1. Nicolas St-Pierre

    Can’t speel Radon without Don!

  2. db

    I can’t help it.
    Someone finds a problem, and I think, well, I have to help the next.

  3. db

    Thanks. I added my comment on the CBC page.

  4. Carlos H

    Thanks Don!!

    Got the airthings for a week and levels are, I believe, pretty decent… 31 Bq/m3

    It is in the basement but will move around to see the impact.

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