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Gadgets! my new travel buddy: the Xioami usb-c active-node-cancel headphones

Airlines don’t allow Bluetooth headsets (the air regulators don’t. Some mention this in a passive-aggressive kind of way but do nothing. Others are less passive and more aggressive. Modern phones are getting rid of the 3.5mm jack. Sure there are

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The great e-bike heist. And then there was none

Earlier I wrote about my shiny new e-bike. It was great, I have ridden it to work every day since it arrived. Upgrades (like the 3-D printed thermos holder, suspension seat post) made it even better. I gotta say you

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Of electric bikes and cargo: 3D printers and thermos

So we talked about the bike. 120km under my belt on it now, story checks out. Go go gadget bike makes pedalling easier. But one of the sad things, cargo. I mean, I don’t take much with me. A laptop.

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Gadgets w/ wheels and batteries arrive: electric assist bike

So the new office doesn’t have free parking. Its not far from home, and I’ve been walking, but as its getting hotter that is getting stickier. Time for a solution involving electrical gadgets I hear you say. You are right!

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Authoritarianism, Globalism, and my gadget shipments

OK, I have a problem. I’ll admit it. I order gadgets and components from Aliexpress. And then they arrive some random time in the future (1 week to 3 months!). And usually the sellers give you a quick email “your

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