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Doorbell licker: are your smart appliances giving you too much information?

There was a time we were blissfully unaware of what occurred on our front porch when we were not around. No more! Now you can see what secret fetishes your neighbours have. In this case, this chap came and licked

Electrocute your hands with this new gadget!

OK we’ve all read stories now about exploding cell phones and fires. Thus we know that lithium-ion batteries can deliver a lot of current in a short interval. Usually there are safety tools in place to prevent this from being

Another cloud suicide: Cloud lessons on pinning and semVer, and CI

There’s two basic strategies for versioning software: semVer (in which the number has semantic meaning), and calVer (in which the number reflects the date). Pros and cons to both. In a nutshell, if you use ‘semVer’, you must obey: MAJOR

High precision web error codes and cloud availability

Ever get an error on the web? Its some 3-digit number (404, 502, etc). Ever wonder, how precise is that? Well the Government of Canada did, and now adds another significant digit. Here’s a 503.0 error. No more do you

The risk of the link shortener

In my twitter feed I got this message from Shared Services Canada.  It says: 2019 tech resolutions: Learn about your online security and privacy settings to keep your information private! Stay cybersafe with these tips: #SSCtechSPC @GetCyberSafe #GCdigital OK,