My Sam Knows Results

Earlier I installed a new Sam Knows probe, replacing the first generation one after some years. Here are some preliminary results (below).

What is excellent is the consistency. When I look at a test, I first look to see that under the same conditions it products the same result. And, the new probe has got that nailed.

Is it accurate? Well, the amount of data used suggests that its trying to get a fairly long-term average. Each test is downloading ~55GiB (or GB? hmm) of data (and uploading ~1GiB). [Note: GiB is a power of 2, wherease GB is a power of 10. We normally use 10 for network and 2 for storage. Data transferred is a grey area, it can go either way.]

I have a nominal ‘1000Mbps’ plan. Because of how Ethernet works, etc, this is really a ~960Mbps plan. This means, if the world is perfect, I can transfer 120MB/s.. This means the 55GB is ~460s, or ~7minutes, a fairly long time to average over.

Looking at the volume used, I’m glad I’m not on a volume-charged plan, the Sam Knows probe alone is using 1.7TB/mo of usage.






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