Self Driving Cars and Airport Proximity

In the last few years we’ve gone from “I know someone who as Internet” to “I have Internet everywhere”. Its gone from “I connect” to “I consume”. And, entire industries and technologies have evolved using it.

In the future world of self-driving cars there is the “the car is smart” camp, and “the netework is smart” camp. The cloud is the jalopy to paraphrase Sun.

And, of this low latency huge bandwidth future, 5G is the current poster child of the near future, promising the world. Suddenly, safety concerns. In Canada, exclusion zones for the new fancy frequency bands are announced, surrounding airports. You know, airports that used to be far from people and then the people moved up close?

So, how long before someone w/ a 5G-enabled somewhat-self-driving-car does something stupid near an airport when the 5G becomes the 4G becomes the 3G?

You can check your address for exclusion here






3 Responses to “Self Driving Cars and Airport Proximity”

  1. Alex Leyn

    Interesting. I wonder why YKF has no exclusion zones? YHM and YXU do. Is it reliance on different frequencies at different airports? Will need to dig into it further …

    1. db

      perhaps they don’t have the automated approach system?
      or maybe it relates to tower redundancy?

  2. Jayme Snyder

    Much of what the 5th G of 3G PP promises does not require 5G “new radio” (bands).
    While there is a world of consumers that think they’ve had 5G cordless phones and 5G being rolled out in their Rogers cable modem… the reality is there is just one licensees currently transmitting in 3.5-3.6Ghz to which this exclusion pertains. It’s not yet a telco’s licensed 5G band. This exclusion is due to a study about conflicts with radio altimeters on another harmonic. Similar restrictions exist on the other 5G(hz) with the use of U-NII channels 52 through 140 in the US requiring transmitters to support dynamic frequency selection to coordinate with weather radar or face potential civil asset forfeiture of their part 15 licensed transmitters.
    5G new radio is also planned for 3.3-4.2, sub 1, 6, 10, 26 and 40Ghz – huge allocations of spectrum, much of which are not impacted by the same restrictions.
    I doubt there will be an bureaucratically created autonomous car “Bermuda Triangle” around the airports…
    I think the real impact of this will be:
    -carriers might be dissuaded from allowing IMEIs from DJI on their 5G enabled network (if they are in this band, anywhere)
    -continued radio silence to news reports of controlled flight into terrain incidences around airports
    -transmitters may need to be even more intelligent on which frequencies they are allowed to transmit
    -continued 5G sensationalism

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