So, bike protection… ideas?

So, bike protection… ideas?

Earlier I had suggested a Lora-powered GPS as a lojack. I bought the best lock there is, but, well, angle grinders tend to eventually get through everything.

This bike is now gone:

This bike is also now gone

This seems like enough of a pattern that its likely to continue. Being locked in a secure cage w/ the best lock wasn’t enough.

Comments? Buy a rabid dalmation?

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  1. I never lock my bike… I don’t even own a bike lock.
    My bikes are either hanging on the wall inside my house, or in close proximity.
    I’m that jerk who brings his bike into the store like a stroller or shopping cart and justifies doing it similarly.
    At Sandvine/VMware, my bike was kept in the office often by my cubical.
    A lock only cuts down on crime of opportunity where opportunity has not previously blessed the thief with an appropriate angle grinder, ramset, or internet connection. That expensive lock probably cost more than a shitty bike. Did it come with it’s own insurance?
    Even when a bicycle is “worth” >$5k, grand theft bicycle isn’t taken seriously.
    Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? or an electric longboard? A bunch of burner bicycles? Mark Rober style bait bike?
    Your home insurance may finance it’s replacement, but they are a profitable industry for a reason.

    • home insurance deductible, $2500. bike, $2100.
      i ride it all winter in the snow etc. no way on a skateboard 🙂

      I work on the 3rd floor w/ stairs. No way i’m taking a 50kg fat bike up 3 flights.
      as for taking it into a store? um, no way. Its my only transport, i’m not gonna ride through the mall like paul blart!

      WRPS called this am, the suspect is identified!

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