Bike Theft 2: BOLO

I am very sad, and very mad to report another bike theft. This was stolen from a locked cage (Charles & Benton Garage, Kitchener). My Kryptonite NY Fuggedaboutit lock (18mm hardened steel) was cut, They had to cut both sides of the shackle as you can see.

I am hoping the city has some video in the garage, but, if you happen to see a Voltbike Yukon serial FR26HZ2460027, 26×4.65″ dillinger 5 studded tires, you can call WRPS and use tracking # T20004916.

4 Responses to “Bike Theft 2: BOLO”

  1. Have you tried getting dog tracking devices? That would help you track them in the first hours before they find out about it.

    • the problem is, by the time you buy the cellular subscription, the tracking company subscription, and keep the batteries fresh all the time, it loses a lot.

      Earlier I had proposed a crowd-sourced lorawan approach, no network cost, negiligible battery use (e.g. good for a year+).

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