Bike Theft 2: BOLO

I am very sad, and very mad to report another bike theft. This was stolen from a locked cage (Charles & Benton Garage, Kitchener). My Kryptonite NY Fuggedaboutit lock (18mm hardened steel) was cut, They had to cut both sides of the shackle as you can see.

I am hoping the city has some video in the garage, but, if you happen to see a Voltbike Yukon serial FR26HZ2460027, 26×4.65″ dillinger 5 studded tires, you can call WRPS and use tracking # T20004916.






4 Responses to “Bike Theft 2: BOLO”

  1. What kind of tool do you think they used? I watched the lockpicking lawyer, and he couldn’t get it open with hydraulic cutters.

    1. db

      its pretty clear its a rotary grinder. shows a close-up. the LPL its a great channel.

  2. William Natter

    Have you tried getting dog tracking devices? That would help you track them in the first hours before they find out about it.

    1. db

      the problem is, by the time you buy the cellular subscription, the tracking company subscription, and keep the batteries fresh all the time, it loses a lot.

      Earlier I had proposed a crowd-sourced lorawan approach, no network cost, negiligible battery use (e.g. good for a year+).

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