Month: January 2019

  • Crispy Cold Cyclist Counters

    Crispy Cold Cyclist Counters

    Earlier we talked about “the spirit of optimism”, a bike counter on King Street Waterloo that goes to 500K/yr for cyclists. Well it was another crisp cold day here in sunny Waterloo. A balmy -26C this morning, warming up to a brisk -22C at lunch time in the sunshine. And, as you can see from […]

  • Tales from the Road: Christ the redeemer of … coupons

    Tales from the Road: Christ the redeemer of … coupons

    I was just reminded of this by a friend and thought I would share. A few years ago I was in a taxi cab heading from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv (well, to the airport nearby). After getting into the cab, the driver, upon seeing that was I was not a local, said that he had a […]

  • Snooping on your Kubernetes nodes containers without ssh’ing to it: dink

    Sometimes you have this issue. You are developing, you are being lazy with image tags. You just want to keep pulling ‘latest’. But, caching, how does it work, why does it cache when I don’t want? You seem to be running a stale version. Or perhaps you want to snoop around a running container a […]

  • Brrr… bikes and batteries. We need more torque!

    Brrr… bikes and batteries. We need more torque!

    As the temperature drops so does the battery output in an e-bike. And yesterday am we had some reasonable heavy snow on the ground (lightly frozen and somewhat driven over, so really tough to go through). I got stuck a few times. In a car, when you are stuck, your tires spin (and if you […]

  • I thought the cloud was modern? The sad tale of the 32-bit world

    IPv6. its a thing. Look it up. 128-bit IP’s, enough that all your hopes and dreams can get their own IP. Cloud? IPv4. 32-bit. Enough that we NAT multiple times for no really good reason. But that is not the topic of today’s learning/rant. Its about ‘stat’ and 64-bit-inodes. You see boys and girls, today […]