Snooping on your Kubernetes nodes containers without ssh’ing to it: dink

Sometimes you have this issue. You are developing, you are being lazy with image tags. You just want to keep pulling ‘latest’. But, caching, how does it work, why does it cache when I don’t want? You seem to be running a stale version.

Or perhaps you want to snoop around a running container a bit.

Sure you could ssh to your Kubernetes node. But, that’s a big song and dance on Azure AKS. There must be a better way to quickly get a comand-line that has access to the Docker commands, that has access to the node itself?

I present ‘dink’ (Docker in Kubernetes). Its pretty self explanatory, you can see it below. Feel free to enjoy, to break things and never complain to me about how I just handed you a loaded gun and a 3-line readme file.

$ git clone
Cloning into 'dink'...
don@cube:~/src$ cd dink
don@cube:~/src/dink$ kubectl get nodes
NAME                       STATUS   ROLES   AGE   VERSION
aks-agentpool-16358131-0   Ready    agent   14d   v1.11.5
aks-agentpool-16358131-1   Ready    agent   6d    v1.11.5
aks-agentpool-16358131-2   Ready    agent   6d    v1.11.5
don@cube:~/src/dink$ ./dink -n aks-agentpool-16358131-0
bash-4.4# docker images
REPOSITORY                                                       TAG                            IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
agilicus/dink                                                    latest                         61e27c1721b5        3 minutes ago       277MB                                   latest                         70a7f24d8c90






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