The return of the bike thief: spoiler, the lock held, but my hands were cold

Came out last night and… some nibble marks on the lock, and my gloves are gone from the glove compartment. So it was a very thumb-numbing ride in this am @ 2 degrees! But… the lock held, which is the important part. Rot in hell thief.

I stopped carrying the ‘massive chain’ since it was really obnoxious to use and switched to an Abus 6500. And I found a way to wedge the bike into the corner of the building close enough to the bike rack I can lock it (I can’t use those racks, my tires are way to wide).

And to you naysayers on the valve-stem light contraptions… 2 weeks in, they are still working as you can see in the photo!






5 Responses to “The return of the bike thief: spoiler, the lock held, but my hands were cold”

  1. Stefan

    That Abus Bordo is quite good and popular as a result. Knowledgeable thieves usually move on. But there is a lever technique that they do use to break them at the hinges tho it is still quite hard. My Bordo doesn’t close as smoothly as a result of one attempt. Best to ensure that there is no strong horizontal surface very near and on the same plane +/- 15 cm as the Abus lock mechanism for the required leverage. So choose a street pole as opposed to a railing bannister to lock the bike to, for example.

    1. db

      The lock picking lawyer demonstrates an attack with a nut-splitter:

      In my case there’s nothing to lever against, but the nut-splitter will still get it.

      The hydraulic cutter will also get it:

      As will the ramset:

      So I’m counting on thieves not having youtube access 🙂

  2. Any video available on the attempt?

    Please set up a bait bike with bear trap.

    1. Jesse Ariss

      +1 for bait bike. Vidyard will be pleased to host the livestream.

  3. db

    there’s no cameras at the entrance, so no video.
    the time range was too broad to bother going through the wide-area street footage.

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