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  • The studs on bike in snow verdict: great success!

    Today we had our first snow post installation of the ‘snow studs‘. And wow are they loud when on pavement. Think of a radial-engine aircraft, a swarm of wasps with vacuum cleaners. But…  and this is early because we didn’t have a ton of snow and it was only modestly icy… Great success! The tires […]

  • I am the new snow stud! Meet the tires that will (hopefully) keep the bottom of the bike below the top

    I know what you are thinking… what kind of a fool would make snow tires for a bike? And what kind of a fool would buy them? Wonder no more! Here we have a shiny new, rubbery-smelling, pair of 45Nrth Dillinger 5. 258 steel-carbide studs per tire of softish compound for traction galore. Acquired from […]

  • An autumn ride home through Waterloo Park: the video

    Want to see where I wiped out and surprised the ducks? Or some fall leaves starting to happen? Here’s the peaceful commute home I have daily, for your viewing pleasure. Imagine the smells of crisp leaves and the gentle quacking of the ducks.

  • Hackable spoke lights? Sign me up!

    The naysayers about the ‘valve-stem lights’ were wrong: they are still working! But, time goes on, and, well, nobody can really tell what those things say and there’s no obvious way to update the firmware. (Yes, bike valve-stem firmware, its a thing, get over it). So enter this. Its *much* brighter (driven by an 18650 […]

  • Duck Duck Toddler. A Waterloo Park Adventure

    I didn’t take a photo of this (I was laughing too hard and it seemed a bit rude so I held off), so picture it in your mind. Waterloo Park. Its got a ‘lake’ in it (silver lake). And the lake is inhabited by ~30 mallard ducks and between 0 and 50 Canada Geese (and […]