I’m picturing a museum with 4 billion exhibits

A museum is where you go to see old technology, now retired. The steam museum, etc.

Let’s get together and create an IPv4 museum. It will have 2^32 exhibits. There will be Class-A halls, class-B halls, class-C halls. I’m not sure yet how to arrange the class-D hall, maybe its everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We’ll take our children there and point and say, “back in my day we talked about quad dotted decimal” and they will look at us with the same crazy look when we wax lyrical about 8-track and LP.

Hipsters will spend big $ to have a special-purpose IP(we never mention version) to IPv4 ‘NAT’ so they can use archaic tech and look cool while doing it.

Sadly, we seem further than ever from making this museum of retired IP addresses. Even new technologies like Kubernetes have very poor support. And I’ve spent the morning trying to figure out how to get ::1 bound to lo in a docker container. This issue is 2 years old and relates. My brand spanking new Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters have no v6 in sight.





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