Month: May 2018

  • Scared? Or Bored? Terrorists and the power grid, a real page turner

    This is not much of a book review. Head over to if you want to read this yourself 🙂 If you don’t want to read it, tl;dr: IT insecurity exists in many devices, and some of them control the fate of countries. Earlier I wrote about some of the SCADA problems as found through everyone’s favourite […]

  • The agony of NFS for 25+ years of my life! Then and now. ClearCase and Kubernetes

    My first experiences with NFS (Network File System) started in 1989. My first term at university, a set of vax machines running BSD Unix, some vt220 terminals, and ‘rn’. My first understanding of NFS came a few years later. ClearCase. I was working at HP, the year was 1992. Most of us on the team […]

  • Gitlab cookie transparency: GDPR in action

    This is actually pretty cool. If you go to gitlab website, you are presented with a tool at the bottom that shows you what they use the cookies for, and allows you to control which you accept. This is in a turn a requirement (partially) driven by the EU GDPR. Now, there are browser and other […]

  • Hack or Genius: cloud backup revisited

    So earlier I wrote about my simple rsync approach. It worked well for a bit, and then mysteriously broke. Why you ask? And how did I fix it? Well, down the rabbit-hole we go. First I get an email from Google GCP/GKE people. Hello Google Kubernetes Customer, Several vulnerabilities were recently discovered in the Linux kernel which […]

  • Gadgets w/ wheels and batteries arrive: electric assist bike

    So the new office doesn’t have free parking. Its not far from home, and I’ve been walking, but as its getting hotter that is getting stickier. Time for a solution involving electrical gadgets I hear you say. You are right! So I acquired a VoltBike Urban (black). Spiffy right? It folds up to make differently-shaped […]