Month: September 2017

  • The beast of the basement gets more storage

    The beast of the basement gets more storage

    OK, some believe that my basement has more disk storage than it should. But, that is primarily spinning disk on this Norco RPC4020, With 6x6TB and 6x4TB it has some space to grow I guess. But sometimes you need MOAR speed. The big machine in the basement is in a Thermaltake x9 case, about the size […]

  • After 25 years, my old friend is gone

    After 25 years, my old friend is gone

    in April of 1993 I obtained gainful full-time employment (HP), and shortly afterwards, did what all early 20 somethings do when they start to have visibility to regular cash: spent it w/o planning. In my case, a 1993 Mazda Miata LE. It was impossibly expensive (high $20K range) and the payments nearly killed me. But […]

  • An automatic hallway light the complex way: zigbee + wifi + python + google translate

    So we’ve had a long standing problem here at home. The upstairs landing is lit by a large chandelier, 12 x 100W bulbs. Its on a dimmer, but it can use a ton of power. When i first moved in, i installed a 3-way dimmer so you could control it from the top and bottom […]

  • How to securely run multiple external services in your single public IP home

    Many of us have this challenge. We want to run multiple services (web sites) and access them remotely. It might be plex, homeassistant, a blog, etc. The traditional way to to this is to use 1 IP per server. The traditional method to do this in a NAT/home environment is port-forwards, and just remember http://myhouse:80 […]

  • Automating a garage door

    Automating a garage door

    Imagine a typical residential garage door system, it looks like below: There is a ceiling, a pair of tracks, and a door which pulls up through those tracks parallel to the ceiling. Now, imagine that this garage door is controlled by three methods today: Manual override pull chain A doorbell-type button A key-code switch outside […]