After 25 years, my old friend is gone

in April of 1993 I obtained gainful full-time employment (HP), and shortly afterwards, did what all early 20 somethings do when they start to have visibility to regular cash: spent it w/o planning. In my case, a 1993 Mazda Miata LE.

It was impossibly expensive (high $20K range) and the payments nearly killed me. But I loved it. And I learned to love hats and sunscreen.

Today, it moves on to the next phase of its life, and our Chevy Bolt gets a spot in the garage next to a charging cable. Going back to this car, the technology seems so primitive. At the time I was astonished by the wizardry of a button I could press to tell the stereo (AM/FM/cassette+CD!) that the roof was open, and it should use automatic volume control (faster car == louder radio!).

I hope the new owner gets at least 25 years with it.






One response to “After 25 years, my old friend is gone”

  1. Matt Koivisto

    The things that I have seen fit into the trunk of that Miata…

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