The beast of the basement gets more storage

OK, some believe that my basement has more disk storage than it should. But, that is primarily spinning disk on this Norco RPC4020, With 6x6TB and 6x4TB it has some space to grow I guess. But sometimes you need MOAR speed.

The big machine in the basement is in a Thermaltake x9 case, about the size of a bar-fridge (mine is not as fancy lit as this one)

And this server needs fast storage to keep all those cores busy. But, even tho its on a pretty nice UPS (which required a new breaker and some ceiling cable run), you want this amount of disk to be sure its written before you shut down.

And, as many of you know, I’m a big fan of NVME. So what to do? Just rely on the UPS? Get a fancy card with a battery? How about the SK Hynix PE3110? 1TB of fast NVME flash goodness, with capacitors to handle flushing ram buffer to flash on power outage. Thanks to my good friend Nick the instigator, and an ebay listing @ $290, boom. 3 arrived. Now these are not your laptop nvme, they are big. Those caps take some space. But they fit ok in that bar-fridge sized case on the carriers. 72 cores of CPU meets 3TB (plus the 1 it had) of NVME PCI-E goodness. Should be ok for minesweeper I think.






3 Responses to “The beast of the basement gets more storage”

  1. Nick

    The ebay vendor has a deal when you buy the whole tray of 40 sticks… only $10,250 !

    How are you mounting it?

    Are you using a M.2 -> U.2 adapter/caddy? seems like an awful long M.2 card, never seen motherboard socket with a srew holder for that kind of m.2 length!

  2. db

    hmm, this is longer than my carrier. hmmm.

  3. DaveC


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