Robot vacuums: maps, security

So the vac was let loose in a few rooms on the main floor. It uses a laser-ranging dome augmented with sonar. You can see its estimation of my livingroom and kitchen below. The obstacles are things like couches, tables, stairs, fireplaces, etc. its actually quite accurate, the long thin bit is the hall down towards my pool, and its actually 90 degrees, not angled as shown, but… Close enough.

For this experiment it was denied access to the sunroom (top left) and sonya’s office (centre right).

Examining the telemetry it wants to share with ‘the cloud’, there is some ‘’ type hostnames that are kind of obvious.

A little bit of hackery and its token was extracted, it was introduced to homeassistant (the magical ball of python which runs my gadgets), and the SSID it operates on was removed from Internet access. So now i can control it, and get push notifications when ‘dusty’ gets trapped, but the ‘cloud’ has no more visibility. ps my cat is not brave enough to ride it (yet). But I will leave a video at the end of what I assume will be happening in my house later this week when I’m not around.





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  1. Dan BYRON

    The cat would love to figure out how he could control Dusty before jumping on for a ride. Dusty is likely to take a few paw swipes. Would make for some great video 🙂

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