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Ontario Cannabis is first past the post for PIPEDA breach disclosure

So Nov 1 the new breach notification requirements came online. I was wondering who would have the honour of the first, and, it seems it might be OCS (wiki). In the CBC story they blame the post office, just like in Friends.

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My LED bulb saga: a chart to show the consumption

In 2017 I declared war on my incandescent bulbs. Lets take a look at the progress removing those incandescent and halogen bulbs has done. The ‘peak’ usage (~4700kWh) occurred in a month someone (who shall remain nameless) left the sauna

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The election that ended open source?

Curious. Checkout the WhiteHouse github. See how (nearly) all the repo the last commit is in Oct/Nov 2016? The exception seems to be this page turner, containing such gems as: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued the Data Center Optimization

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Radon is November month. Or something like that. Check early, check often

Its national radon month here in the great white north. They estimate 21, 100 Canadians will die of lung cancer this year, 3000 of those because of Radon. Have you gone and bought your Radon monitor yet? You, yes you,

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The fastest hacking tool in the world is a microphone

People freeze up when a microphone is thrust in their face. They shut down the though processes and go with it. Lets see about passwords. They should be: Not a pet’s name nor related to your age Not be where

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