So Nov 1 the new breach notification requirements came online. I was wondering who would have the honour of the first, and, it seems it might be OCS (wiki). In the CBC story they blame the post office, just like in Friends.

Interestingly tho, one can reverse engineer the customer size. In the article they say ‘4500 people’ were breached, and, this represents 2% of the customer orders that day, implying that the Nov 1 customer order size was 225,000.

Now, who wants to be next and fess up to not having their IT ducks in a row on breach prevention and be in good company?

PS, now is the time to check your order numbers are not sequential. Remember the Olestra and the Bike?


In 2017 I declared war on my incandescent bulbs. Lets take a look at the progress removing those incandescent and halogen bulbs has done. The ‘peak’ usage (~4700kWh) occurred in a month someone (who shall remain nameless) left the sauna on for several days, so lets ignore that. But, lets take a look later. The difference is stark. Yes it was a huge bag of bulbs, yes there were a lot of trips up and down ladders. Yes it was a decent amount of $$$ to spend. But the savings in electricity, in efficiency, is huge.

So, you still got an old yellow bulb? Maybe its a pot-light, a reading light, whatever? Get off your butt. Go order some ‘5000K-5600K’ colour LED bulbs (noontime sunlight). And feast in the savings and knowing you are doing the right thing.

ps. A lot of people think sunlight is yellow and thus that they should get ‘warm white’ or ‘yellow’ bulbs. Its incorrect. Sunlight is actually pure white (which is why you can take a prism and make a rainbow). The outline of the sun looks yellow because of stuff in the atmosphere, but the light itself is white. Don’t believe me? Check the web!

Curious. Checkout the WhiteHouse github. See how (nearly) all the repo the last commit is in Oct/Nov 2016? The exception seems to be this page turner, containing such gems as:

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) to advance the consolidation and optimization of the Federal Government’s inventory of data centers. The DCOI supersedes the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and addresses requirements in the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

But I guess when one of your repo is called FortyFour you are asking for an end of life 🙂

Its national radon month here in the great white north. They estimate 21, 100 Canadians will die of lung cancer this year, 3000 of those because of Radon. Have you gone and bought your Radon monitor yet?

You, yes you, need one if you have a basement or ground floor to your house. If you live in the clouds, ignore this PSA 🙂

Yes I know you checked 8 years ago once when you had the home inspection. No that is not relevant, you need to check constantly. Yes I know you borrowed a friends meter last month, no that is not relevant, you need to check constantly, it varies day by day.

Do you really want to be that person coughing up what’s left of their lungs in a few years? No? Get off your but and click the link, go to best buy, whatever.

I recommend the Airthings Wave, but I suppose there are others. I wouldn’t get the charcoal ones (who’s going to send that in the mail? really?).

People freeze up when a microphone is thrust in their face. They shut down the though processes and go with it.

Lets see about passwords. They should be:

  • Not a pet’s name nor related to your age
  • Not be where you are from
  • Not shared with strangers on the street

Lets see how these random people did…. O wait, they failed all 3 within seconds.

Now, this seems hilarious. Laugh at these poor souls knowing you would never do something so stupid. Now lets switch gears and talk about the plague of ‘anti-vaxxers’. That’s right, these science denying fools have brought measles back to Europe and killed 37 people this year. Stupidity is shocking. Now lets link the two. Herd immunity. Its not just your password strength that matters for you, its that of your friends and family. If someone hacks their account, they can use that to get to you. You’d do anything for that friend, and, suddenly they email you or message you, they are in trouble. You know its them, you spring to action. Too late, it was a hacker who got their account which was fluffy1984.

Or your bank. Suddenly your bank fees go up because they are losing money due to fraud.

Or that friend has enough personal information on you for someone to open a credit card in your name, and someone hacked their account.

So… Here’s my PSA. Ask a couple of friends and family if they:

  • use the same password on >1 site
  • use a well known fact and a number

as a password. Then help them fix it. Install Chrome and show them how it will automatically create strong passwords per site. Or show them LastPass or something like that. But don’t let them tell you its just their problem. Its society’s. They are causing measles and death, and that is not cool.