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Still doubting you should check your radon?

One of this blog readers recently acquired a Radon detector as I had mentioned earlier. Specifically, the Airthings Wave. And wow, I am glad he did. As you can see from his screenshot, he first put it in one area in his

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Radon update: my basement is (currently) safe from this scourge

So an update on the earlier radon gadget. I received the BLE sniffer widget, but, wow, its a bit complex to use. Keeping an eye on the basement Radon, and you can see, it fluctuates quite a bit. We are

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Decoding the Airthings Wave Radon output

OK, so i ran the Airthings Wave for a few weeks, I ended up with an average of ~20-30Bq/m^3, which is below the Health Canada worry line of 200Bq/m^3. Now, its time to look at how to make this integrate

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The Internet of Radon Things

Earlier this week someone brought up Radon gas. He was somewhat surprised that we all knew about it, but we didn’t know enough it turns out. Health Canada has a great resource on it here, including a survey of the

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