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Hackable spoke lights? Sign me up!

The naysayers about the ‘valve-stem lights’ were wrong: they are still working! But, time goes on, and, well, nobody can really tell what those things say and there’s no obvious way to update the firmware. (Yes, bike valve-stem firmware, its

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The brave new world of soldering iron software: work-around QuickCharge 3.0 charger issue

Recently I bought the TS80. I was sad to find that it does not do USB-C PD, only the proprietary Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0. I was even sadder to find that, although the OLED and software will work @ 5V, it

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Even more gadgets! light-up valve stem for the bike

OK, the price was right at about $1.  The description sounded pretty cool: “Bicycle Wheels letters Blue 7LED Light double-side Cycling Bike Tire Blue Flash Light Letter Change Wheel Spokes Bicycle Lights”. The picture suggests that: 100% Waterproof, Do not

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Another new gadget: the TS80 USB-C soldering iron

Just arrived! The TS80 USB(-C) powered soldering iron. And its pretty fantastic. Sadly its not USB-PD (power delivery), its USB-QC3 (QuickCharge), and double-sad, my USB-C power adapters are all PD. There’s a great video by Dave Jones (linked below). Its

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Gadgets! my new travel buddy: the Xioami usb-c active-node-cancel headphones

Airlines don’t allow Bluetooth headsets (the air regulators don’t. Some mention this in a passive-aggressive kind of way but do nothing. Others are less passive and more aggressive. Modern phones are getting rid of the 3.5mm jack. Sure there are

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