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Swap from Debian to Ubuntu as Linux image on Pixel Slate Chromebook

This might be a little detailed for most, feel free to don your peril-sensitive sunglasses. So, no offence to Debian 9.6 Stretch, but the rest of the fleet runs Ubuntu, which is very similar, but, well, some packages are different.

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Suicidal clouds cause consternation

Another day another piece of infrastructure cowardly craps out. Today it was Google GKE. It updated itself to 1.11.3-gke.18, and then had this to say (while nothing was working, all pods were stuck in Creating, and the Nodes would not

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Next Chautauqua: Continuous Integration!

Tomorrow (Tues 27, 2018) we’re going to have the next meetup┬áto talk Continuous Integration. Got a burning desire to rant about the flakiness of an infinite number of shell scripts bundled into a container and shipped to a remote agent

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Separate CI cluster woes: can hierarchical caching help?

So I have this architecture where we have 2 separate Kubernetes clusters. The first cluster runs in GKE, the second on ‘the beast of the basement’ (and then there’s a bunch in AKS but they are for different purposes). I

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PSA: launcher.gcr.io is not being maintained

So you might have cut and paste some code from somewhere, maybe an ‘from launcher.gcr.io/debian9’ kind of thing. That’s a good upstream, right? They are maintaining it with a strong CI? When suddenly you read Hmm. Double whammy. You have

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