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Kubernetes volume-mounts with subPath and inotify. Bah humbug

So. I’ve been working on this tool ‘fluent-bit’. You know the drill. Compile, curse, change, pull-request, repeat. And one of the features I added was to auto-watch its config file and restart on change. This is important in a Kubernetes

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Dramatically simplify developing your app for Kubernetes: a sample

Apologies if this is old-hat for you, but, I was awfully tired of ‘git commit; git push; … wait for CI; … helm…’ Lets say you are developing a simple Python flask app. You are going to edit/push many times

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Kooking Kontainers With Kubernetes: A Recipe for Dual-Stack Deliciousness

If you have a mild allergy to ascii or yaml you might want to avert your eyes. You’ve been warned. Now, lets imagine you have a largish server hanging around, not earning its keep. And on the other hand, you

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Lessons learned: COPY . and geometric size progression

So another day and another ‘registry out of space’. I wrote earlier about the crappy experience increasing this size (and GKE is still on 1.10 so I can’t use the 1.11+ resize mechanism!!!) Vowing not to repeat the ‘that can’t

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Pruning elastics with Kubernetes CronJobs

There was a time you just ran ‘crontab -e’ to make this happen. But, progress, are you still on my lawn? Lets discuss how to solve the specific issue of ‘my database fills up my disk’ in a Cloud Native

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