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A feral cat IoT army for misdirection: the invisible hand and national defence

OK, we’ve talked about Outdoor Kitty before. His relationship with me is directly the inverse of the temperature. Colder temperature == friendlier cat. Lately we’ve above zero temperatures so he’s not around much. Now, one of the most frequent questions

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Laser pointer no longer best method to entertain a cat?

Up until now it has been believed by many that the laser-pointer and the cat are a marriage made in heaven. The ‘click’ of the button makes a tiny sound, imperceptible to human ears, and your normally lazy feline makes

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What is the temperature of a feral cat’s butt?

Said no one ever. Until this post. Imagine what you can talk about in idle conversation now. Earlier I introduced you to outdoor kitty, he inhabits the area in and around my backyard. And he has a little house outside.

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Cold weather and stray cats

Earlier we talked about Outdoor Kitty. Lets compare photos, the one on the left is from the other night, the one on the right from October. The difference? About 50°C. The one on the left is about -25°C, the one

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Stinky Cat Syndrome: Why no robot for this?

So my cat (TC, short for ‘The Cat’) is normally a very clean creature (like most cats). He goes out, snoops around for a bit, and comes back in smelling like leaves and campfires etc. No problem. Not last night.

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