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  • Cat eating pigeon related packet loss in SMS? Banking in the 21st century

    So I had the honour and privilege of doing an international wire transfer today to Hungary. After some decoding of Hungarian addresses, accents, etc., I managed to fill that in to the web interface provided by my Canadian bank (you know, the web page where the ‘wireframe’ given to the ‘designer’ was a faxed copy […]

  • Tales from the road: rabbits and cats

    You’re probably going to want to click on that picture to make it bigger and more glorious. So I’m in the Taipei airport. I’m at the security line. The woman in front of me has a rabbit. No, not a stuffed rabbit. No, not a caged rabbit. A real live bunny, slung over her shoulder, […]

  • The mysterious life of outdoor cats, solved, sadly

    ~4 years of outdoor kitty. His (heated) house to keep him warm, the live temperature feed, etc. So many mysteries. Where did he go when he would be off for days? Each time, would it be the last time we saw him? We last saw him a couple of weeks ago. No big deal, its […]

  • Outdoor cats and air conditioners: just say no

    You remember outdoor kitty? The mooch? The one we installed a heated outdoor house and remote temperature sensing for? The same one that is much less friendly when its warm? Well, as we can see, he does not make much use of the house in this weather (~32C here today in sunny waterloo). And no, […]

  • Science, Cats, and Japanese Game Shows: Together at Last

    OK, what is the heaviest fish a cat can lift? And, what type of cat is best at lifting fish? Well, now you are only 23 minutes and 19 seconds from knowing. There are some great graphics in here as they go through the math. You are gonna want to watch this from the start. […]