Laser pointer no longer best method to entertain a cat?

Up until now it has been believed by many that the laser-pointer and the cat are a marriage made in heaven. The ‘click’ of the button makes a tiny sound, imperceptible to human ears, and your normally lazy feline makes a beeline for it.

I’ve been working on upgrading one of the gadget army, and this requires booting its u-boot from serial (using xmodem!) over a pretty neat protocol ‘kwboot‘ (allowing you to unbrick even the hardest bricked marvell kirkwood device).

And, um, well, watch the below video (its an asciinema movie using my plugin for wordpress, so hopefully it works for you. Go ahead and select some text in it!). Sleepy desk cat became beserk cat. Its like a laser-pointer to the next level for him.

[asciinema video=/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/kwb.json autoplay=true ]

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