Stinky Cat Syndrome: Why no robot for this?

So my cat (TC, short for ‘The Cat’) is normally a very clean creature (like most cats). He goes out, snoops around for a bit, and comes back in smelling like leaves and campfires etc. No problem.

Not last night. Last night the cat waltzed back in smelling of dead skunk and septic tanks. Now, something you should know about cats… they are programmable up until about 8 weeks of age. Want a cat that likes getting its claws clipped? Play with its claws when its a kitten. If i want TC to enjoy a bath, I need a time machine! Also, guess who gets voted as chief cat washer, yours truly. Sigh.

Now, why is it I have a robot to wander my floors and decrumb, but none to wash my cat? I mean, it should be easy, we have automatic car washes. Maybe same principle, but smaller, with a laser pointer or crinkle ball or elastic at the door as a lure. Huh, gotta do some more googling, i don’t find one. Maybe its an opportunity for gofundme or kickstarter, who’s in?

Here is the ‘just out of bath picture’ where we have a fairly cross cat

and here we have an hour later, all forgiven pose.










3 Responses to “Stinky Cat Syndrome: Why no robot for this?”

  1. Sonya Latchman

    I wonder how much the Auto Cat Washer costs……. 🙂

  2. brandy

    At least he is clean and likes to cuddle when he is done! Reminds me of a child. 🙂

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