So last year i got caught on premature tire removal. But, i'm still an optimist. So armed w/ degreaser, wrench, hot water, sponge I dived into what was a *very* dirty chain and undercarriage and popped the studs off. So now the bike is all dressed up w/ nowhere to go!.

The city facilities are all shut down (which includes the parking garage). Friday I parked it on the street. To the person who stole the glove box, really? It had a pair of scratched glasses in it and an allen wrench. Is that going to change your life? Seriously? If I get a new one do i need to lock it down somewhow?

So, who's thinking its about to snow and i'll regret this?

So we are all in lock down together but separately. No travel, no gatherings. Tough medicine, but required.

No shock that some don't like it. Some are understanding of the reason, but don't like the precedent set. Take this case from New Hampshire (Live Free Or Die), challenging the 'no gatherings over 50' mandate.

Now, "Live Free Or Die" license plates are special for the Unix community, originally  from the Open Group, and then spread out. But, these came from the New Hampshire plate, which maybe will be changed to "Live Free And Die" now.


The snow that is. There's still some tenacious bits hanging in there (see the photo from my front door this am). But i anticipate the temperature and humidity is going to drive all but the most tenacious bits into extinction.

See, its not all doom and gloom!


OK, its not a great photo, and its a couple weeks old cuz quarantine. But many of us were amused to learn of the delivery model for Shawarma. This van pulls up a couple of times per week, and unloads ~20 shawarma per place. Its chock full inside. Think of all the shawarma!

There's a bucket-line line of folks handing them off from door to door, whole unload time is pretty quick.

Don't say I never taught you nothin'

So the Irish Rovers (yes that band that played the Unicorn song back in the day w/ green alligators and long-necked-geese) is doing their last tour. And, excitedly I had purchased tickets for the St Patricks' day show (in Chatham Ontario). Tonight was the night.

Sadly, that is not to be. Instead my team has been dispatched to work from home, leaving it quiet and lonely down here. The view from my office window is quieter than usual.

Fortunately, from a work perspective, we are 100% Zero- Trust. 100% of services work the same, from any Internet, no VPN. Just SSL + SSH, all single-sign-on. So I am not worried about the office or the productivity in the short term. But, as an Agile team, there's no real substitute for face-to-face meetings.

And, more worrisome, the Ace Shawarma is closed.