Trying to figure out if the microphone on the faceplate goes to the android device, or the wince device only. Using 'sound meter' it appears by default no sound is received.

Looking in the output of 'alsa_amixer', i see there are some input devices (Mic, Capture). But they don't seem to provide any audio level to android.

OK, so installed Google Play Music, and ran out of flash space instantly.


# mkdir -p /mnt/sdcard/gpsflash/MusicCache
# cd /data/data/
# rm -r cache/*
# rm -r files/*
# mount -o bind /mnt/sdcard/gpsflash/MusicCache cache
# mount -o bind /mnt/sdcard/gpsflash/MusicCache files

and boom, we are good. Now just put these last two lines in a script that runs on startup (see e.g. ScriptRunner etc)

My device has a television tuner (Digital + Analog).

There is no more Analog TV here in Canada. For Digital, we are on ATSC, North American frequencies.

The device, however, only allows selecting a few countries in Europe (England, France, Germany, Slovakia, ...), China, and Russia.

In my area there is channel 28 (ATSC carrier 554.31), and channel 13 (ATSC carrier 210.31). But i cannot seem to get them to tune, the 'stops' on the device are not correct.

Phone is galaxy nexus running JB.

On the phone, on the 'tethering' screen, enable 'bluetooth'.

Make sure phone is paired to SL-8268.

On the SL-8268, find the MAC address of the phone:

# hcitool inq

Then run:

# pand --connect <MAC>
# netcfg bnep0 up
# netcfg bnep0 dhcp
# setprop net.dns1

and we are good to go, run 'ifconfig bnep0' and see we are assigned an address.