Cryptokitty: collectable, breedable, adorable. This is meow life now You buy a virtual cat with virtual currency. And then, unlike regular cats, you pay to get them knocked up and have kittens. But its ok, its with virtual currency.

Is this the end-goal of the ‘I own nothing’ world we are entering, where uber + self-driving cars instead of owning, airbnb instead of buying, etc? Where we own virtual pets paid for by numbers we’ve never seen, created by people we’ve never seen? Its very, um, ephemeral.

So, lets look at a sample kitten. Unlike a real cat website (e.g.¬†… go there now, i demand it!), there’s not much in the way of pictures. This one, ‘Swampgreen!’ has this to say:

Ciao! I’m Swampgreen !. If you also can’t stand the smell of wet food,
we’re going to be fast friends. Honestly, eating lasagna is all I care
about at this stage in my life. I like your face.

accent colour purplehaze
eye shape slyboots
mouth grim
pattern amur
highlight colour swampgreen
base colour shadowgrey
eye colour mintgreen
fur ragamuffin

Swampgreen! is yours for the low low price of 0.0149eth. If we convert that to a nominal USD amount, that is $13.08. You’d be a fool not to, given that ‘Raga+3xMorning’ is going for 0.0798Eth ($70.07).
Now the most expensive on here are asking 1M Eth (so about $1B), probably just hoping Jeff Bezo’s clicks by accident.
This is our life meow.






2 Responses to “Cryptokitty: collectable, breedable, adorable. This is meow life now”

  1. Dan

    Wow did not know about kittenwars. I am addicted. Cheers hope all is well Don. Dan

  2. Chris

    I want to see Biggy vs. Mr. Bigglesworth in a cage match.

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