Purple light autopsy: bleeding has stopped

So I decided to get medieval on the purple lamp. Sadly my estimation of getting the (what seemed like plastic but in hindisght was glass) off in one piece was not so correct. Its ok, the bleeding has stopped, and the millions of razor sharp bits of glass all over my desk will be slowly sopped up into my pores!

As you can see in the above, the yellow bit came off. What is this yellow bit you ask? You see, there are 2 methods of creating white light from LED. You can go RGB (mix red/greeb/blue) light. Or, you can use a short-wavelength (blue to Ultra Violet) and run it through a yellow phosphor coating. Interestingly, some make it out as blue, some make it out as yellow. The combination makes white. Credit to Sir Isaac Newton for discovering this.

No credit for guessing which type of lamp I have now, particularly since you saw the photo above. If we zoom in, we can see 9 LED in each module, and, a yellow hat, missing on G5.

It is also this blue that is the theory behind why you wear blue-blocking glasses later in the day, the theory is the blue causes your circadian rythyms to kick in and think its morning, rather than evening. You can read more about blue led and sleep rythyms here. As to other protect-your-eyes-from-blue-light, that is bunk. Its just about sleep.






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