The MacGyver phone: great success

OK, it took a bit of work to improve the antenna. The included one was cut (you could see in previous image).

Fortunately I have a drawer of dead electronics waiting to go to the recycler. And one of them includes a Sonos ZP80. So, i ripped it open and extracted one of its 2.4GHz antenna.

Now, the overall setup looks a bit like an IED, I wouldn’t take it through an airport or anything. But, plugged it in, check with TCPDUMP and we can see an IPSEC tunnel (in NAT-T mode) has come up (to AllStream, a local-ish telco), so presumably it called home successfully.

For my security it got put on its own VLAN so it gets to the Internet, but not within the house.






One response to “The MacGyver phone: great success”

  1. Nicolas St-Pierre

    But does it do pulse dialing?

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