Month: April 2020

  • The (other) infection pandemic

    The (other) infection pandemic

    A couple of weeks ago a large amount of your Internet traffic was redirected to Russia, specifically Rostelecom. From there, who knows. I’m sure you are very happy to now know this and are not in the least concerned. But in the case that you are, read on.

  • Fan #2 gets the IP treatment

    Fan #2 gets the IP treatment

    This one still looks like an IED inside, but less so than Fan #1. Got $15 and some time? Head over to and you too can have your fan on the net. Naturally I installed Tasmota ( firmware so it would work better with Home Assistant. Who wants to post their photos of what…

  • The tale of the breadmaker

    The tale of the breadmaker

    It was the early part of the 90’s. Friends had not yet aired its first episode. Seinfeld was still in full swing. No one has Internet, let alone a browser. I’m out shopping at (The Bay? Eatons? one of those two). I come upon it. A thing of beauty. I must have it. A breadmaker.…

  • Digital Vampires Sucking the Internet Dry

    Digital Vampires Sucking the Internet Dry

    So the team has been locked out of the office for a month now. As we learned earlier, the vacuum cleaner stumbled and fell, our first casualty. But, logging in and checking the WiFi stats today, I’m heartened to see that the idle Chromecast that inhabits the projector has been watching some shows in our…

  • Let’s Encrypt: Misrouted? Malfeasance?

    Let’s Encrypt: Misrouted? Malfeasance?

    If you see the above image, its an email from Let’s Encrypt. I get quite a few of these. However, this is not my domain ( My first thought was it was a phishing email, but, the unsubscribe link is correct. My 2nd thought is that there is a hash collision. Perhapst he short hash…