Month: April 2020

  • Should we make Cyber Security part of WHMIS in 2020?

    So there’s a health and safety type course that is required in Canada called WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System). its intended to help people understand what products in their workplace are hazardous in a uniform way through labelling and information sheets. Its a requirement to train your staff on it. It strikes me that […]

  • Can AI Innovate: USPTO says NO

    US Patent Office decides machines cannot create patents. Robot pitchfork army rises up.

  • Eviction Notice Shows Layers of Technology

    So this is kind of fun. A well known uptown Waterloo establishment has had a notice posted in its window. And, its like an archeological dig. Handwriting: ~5000 years Tractor-Feed Computer Paper: ~110 years Ball-Point-Pen: ~70 years Twitter: ~14 years Smart phone with twitter + camera + LTE: 10 years Now, who has the time […]

  • Discretion the better part of valour: Foxes & Cats

    The the backyard wild-life includes this fox. Comes around a few times a day. Given that all the humans are indoors, probably bolder than usual (although normally it is pretty bold). Now my cat is not much of an outdoor creature. He likes to go out for an hour or so once in a while, […]

  • Rock paper scissors ruled game of skill

    Somewhere in the universe of bad decisions lies the guy who decided to wager $500K on a best 2 out of 3 game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. He lost. He took a mortgage out on his house to pay. Well, good news if this has happened to you, it turns out that a) Roshambo is […]