Eviction Notice Shows Layers of Technology

Eviction Notice Shows Layers of Technology

So this is kind of fun. A well known uptown Waterloo establishment has had a notice posted in its window. And, its like an archeological dig.

  • Handwriting: ~5000 years
  • Tractor-Feed Computer Paper: ~110 years
  • Ball-Point-Pen: ~70 years
  • Twitter: ~14 years
  • Smart phone with twitter + camera + LTE: 10 years

Now, who has the time and wherewithal to combine these? To write out, long-hand, 2 full pages, with a pen, on fan-fold paper? I mean, you have the fan-fold so we know there is at least a CP/M Z80 machine lurking around with perhaps a dot-matrix or daisywheel.

Something inside me hopes that you used a law firm to create this magnum opus!

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