Discretion the better part of valour: Foxes & Cats

The the backyard wild-life includes this fox. Comes around a few times a day. Given that all the humans are indoors, probably bolder than usual (although normally it is pretty bold).

Now my cat is not much of an outdoor creature. He likes to go out for an hour or so once in a while, until he gets scolded by squirrels or crows (the crows are his real concern). Then he comes streaking in to safety.

Tonight he was out snooping around when the fox came by. I was surprised to see him stand his ground (he’s petrified of dogs). There was a brief face to face encounter, and then as you might imagine, discretion proved the better part of valour and the fence was hopped and cat came in.

Now I would have thought a fox would be dangerous for cats, but online wisdom suggests they are not. Anyone care to comment on this?






One response to “Discretion the better part of valour: Foxes & Cats”

  1. Samir

    Fox is suppose to be foxy 🙂 beyond imagination.

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